Rossano Sportiello


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Tour Schedule


June 18 to July 5, The “Three Wise Men” European Summer tour

More Details to come

From June 22nd to 25th, Rossano will be performing at Jazzland, the premier jazz club in Vienna-Austria 
July 15th, Shanghai Jazz, Madison NJ, with Harry Allen
August 15th, Rossano performs with Nicki Parrott at Blu Jazz, Akron OH
August 17th with Nicki Parrott at the Bickford Theatre, Morristown, NJ  


Sept. 10 to 13, Allegheny Jazz Party in Cleveland

Sept. 25 to 27

Summit Jazz Party, Denver, CO

Oct. 29 to Nov.1

Colorado Springs Jazz Party

Nov.5 to 8

Arizona Classic Jazz Festival

Nov. 13 and 14

The Rossano Sportiello Trio with Nicki Parrott and Eddie Metz at the Jazz Corner, Hilton Head, SC

Nov. 26 to 29

The San Diego Thanksgiving Jazz Festival

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